Hi There!

My name is Megha and you are currently scrolling my blog – What’s on my mind?. In May 2020, the idea of blogging struck me. I started looking around for some creative unused blog names but disappointed with my hour long search, I simply named this site to [literally meaning my hand can write] and hola, nobody thought of this (lame) name before. 😆 So, here I am – a blogger, on wordpress.

Now if you are wondering, what my blog is about, I’ve kept that pretty simple. It’s basically the same as what your blog is about. 😎 Wonder why? Well, don’t we all write about whatever the heck is on our minds? So, I titled this blog as – What’s on my mind? It’s a collection of my opinions (I hope there is a soul that cares) and my experiences (that I share with a pinch of creativity).

You have now reached the end of my “About me” section and I am glad you are not dead. (since you are still reading this). 😆 This proves that you can survive the posts. You will find them all, in the archive section. If you like any, hit a like (don’t hoard them for a bigger purpose. there is none) and if you smile at any, do hit a follow (I don’t spam) 😛

You can always reach me via email ( or use the contact form below. I would love to hear what you think about my blog , my posts or simply about me!