Disruptions Feb and March

I finally pushed myself enough today to write this short update. Writing has been on hold as I travelled to India (again) to help a health situation back home.
My mum had a knee replacement surgery. (planned and delayed multiple times due covid)

Travelling to India was a cumbersome project in these new restrictions. I got tested for PCR in the Netherlands 72 hours before my flight. On my arrival in India, I was asked to take a mandatory PCR test at airport again. (not kidding, there was a queue for that! You should be worried that you are gonna be infected coz you weren’t before).
Somehow, I reached safely and things have been fine since then. (including mum).

I haven’t been reading a lot particularly. Furiously Happy is my bed time read. Review to follow next month.
I haven’t been writing. [sad].
Bought a subscription for Masterclass. Loved it but overpriced.

This weekend, I’ll fly back to the Netherlands. [in peace]

I was notified that my WordPress domain is about to expire.
It got me thinking how expensive my hobby has become!
[now you know why I felt pushed today]