How was my first experience in Business Class

How it happened

Flying business class has been on my wish list since quite some time.
Every time we flew international, the long wait hours, airport queues, packed and uncomfortable seating with accompanying jet lag harrowed our travel experience. 😠
I fantasized about business class every time we flew but succumbed to the rationality offered by Economy. πŸ™„

That changed this year when a sports injury left me in recovery for months.

I had a stiff leg. 🦡
I couldn’t imagine squeezing it in jampacked seats (unable to stretch my leg for hours).
It was a need to fly business class. A need that justified the humungous costs! (One at a price of three)
My partner gave in too, to accompany me. 😬

So here we were, buying business class tickets for the first time. πŸ˜›

P.S – Remind me to cut our expenses the next six months.

The travel day

Our travel date arrived soon and I found myself packing in the whole universe. (Our baggage allowance was doubled) πŸ˜›

Once we reached airport, we were offered free lounge access pass after checking in.

We had four hours at our hands to kill before our flight to the Netherlands.

What a wait!

When we arrived at the lounge, I was captivated by its view.
It seemed a large relaxation zone that had a central restaurant with comfortable sofa seating around it.
I remember hip hopping multiple couches before landing on the perfect cushion. 😎

Food and drinks were free, the spread slightly reduced due Covid 19 😏.

Nevertheless, we had a fantastic time trying out every item they had on their menu , gulping down free beer and waking up with hot espresso.

Four hours flew by in the blink of an eye!

I’m so Excited!

As the announcements for our flight began, we gathered near the gate to join the business class queue. (the shortest queue, I’ve ever seen).
Within few minutes, we boarded the aircraft.

One glimpse at our seats revealed why we had to pay the price for three. (they were spaced out to occupy three of the economy).

I could stretch my legs to full length without even touching the seat ahead of me. They had controls installed to makeshift a bed out of that seat.
We even had our own cabin space. (our personal cabin storage).
I squeezed in a giant hand bag and my jackets with ease.

I was excited. We were about to fly business class, first time.

Bring it on!

The Experience started as soon as we onboarded the flight. They served a welcome drink just before the take off. We were given travel kits that had a cozy pair of socks and other handy stuff for the flight duration.

After take off, things kept coming in. 😎
Three course meal menus were designed by Michelin star Chefs that promised a restaurant class service. I was delighted to see some real cutlery.
My appetite was a surprise (even for me) as I readily stuffed in another meal just an hour after my previous one.

My partner didn’t forget to order cocktails and soon we were both were engrossed in eating and drinking. (again)

Wake me up when December ends

After the food mania, it was time to go to bed. (since we had one!).
So, here I was, stretching full size, sleeping with a blanket and pillow (like a baby).

My partner (who rarely sleeps on flights), tuned in to the large TV screen hooked in front of him. A nice collection of movies and music kept him engaged for some hours until he fell asleep (just like me!)

It was the best ever sleep I had on a flight & I wasn’t planning to wake up soon. 😴I even turned away a Michelin star breakfast in my sleep.

Just few minutes before landing, I woke up.
My partner was up much before that of course. He relished the breakfast I missed.

The flight attendant handed us the good bye gifts as we were about to land. (Delft blue miniature houses filled with Gin) ❀️

Spoiled Forever!

At Amsterdam airport, we were the first one’s to leave our flight.
We had our own (business class) immigration queue so we quickly left the crowd behind. Never before was this process so smooth.
Our luggage arrived quickly too (another accompanying benefit). 😎

I sat on the bench with my eyes fixed, wondering if I could ever travel in economy again. Was I a spoiled brat?! How could I convince my rational self to buy economy tickets, the next time?

If only, we could all afford the luxury that we’ve gotten used to!
Wouldn’t the world be a much better place then?

Β© Copyright 2020. Megha Gupta. All rights reserved.