The Perks of being Judgemental

The five “perks” of being judgemental

1. You get a chance to “self reflect”

Being judgemental gives you a chance to self reflect (literally). You see the world through your own eyes. You measure its worth by your own beliefs. šŸ˜Ž
All your life, you build a holy grail of values, to justify those hidden beliefs. You judge someone on the basis of those (confounding) beliefs.

So what, if they don’t publish a guide for your principles. You go ahead and publish your own “Bible”. šŸ˜Ž You build each chapter around those miserable sins, those ignorant commit. (How else would they learn your holy beliefs?)

You guide them to the only path of salvation. (that is, by becoming you!) šŸ˜› This gives you a chance to self reflect (literally ). Perhaps, you like their version of you?!

[Self reflection]

2. The world owes you for your charitable framework

That habit of standardizing every situation often comes in very handy. (So, you might just meet a person at a bar, know where he or she comes from and write their bio data yourself!. šŸ˜› )Thanks to your judgemental framework, we now know how to make quick conclusions. How else would we know – that Americans are loud. All Canadians are polite. Germans are distant. The Spanish are talkative and all Indians work in IT. šŸ˜³

3. You get done more in less time

Being judgemental makes you more productive. So, you have a pile of resume sitting at your desk ? Perhaps, you have a tight timeline? Don’t worry. Just be yourself (overly critical) šŸ˜ˆ

(End of one week. Outcome : 100 rejects. Super productive!)

4. You become an Influencer

Being judgemental can even make you an influencer. The world is full of meeks.(who want to believe in something) So, you may say whatever the heck you have to say. Just be loud and clear in what you think and someone, somewhere will strike a chord with you. Who knows what sentiments you may trigger! They may as well declare you an overnight success! (#revolutionary #disrupter.)

We’ve witnessed quite some “influential” leaders in past (although not in a good way) . Who knows you might be the next one? #milord

5. You don’t have to fit in

An advantage of being your judgemental self is that you don’t fit in (or rather have to fit in). Those around you just don’t suit your “high” standards. So, you stay happy to be your own friend. (with whom you happen to be in love).

You probably don’t care if they leave you all alone (& mark your grave – “The overly judgmental.”) You’d be too busy to care. lying in that grave, judging thy neighbors. (Maybe, they understand your wisdom better)

After note:
Wondering why that therapist says “don’t be judgemental”?
Maybe, he made a flaw in his judgement! šŸ˜Ž
P.S – Just a perspective. Absolutely not self help! šŸ˜‰

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