My First Experience of IKEA

Welcome to the world of IKEA

The first time I visited IKEA, I remember spending the whole of my Saturday in the IKEA store. Those beautiful preset designs for each room filled my head with so many ideas that I felt like throwing out all our existing furniture.

It was hard to resist the temptation and looking at our wallets, we decided to buy only a few items.


The delivery arrived in small boxes and I was puzzled to see how a bed and sofa could fit in that tiny space. In the box, came a manual, a tool box and some spare parts.

The holy grail detailed a long list of steps to set up the furniture ourselves. First on the list was our bed.

The IKEA Test Of Relationship

I always knew that IKEA had a smart furniture concept and we had to assemble it ourselves. What I didn’t know was that assembling was not a five-finger exercise.

The list of instructions overwhelmed me and I fiddled clumsily with nuts and bolts. Within an hour, I started feeling tired as I kept thinking about the steps ahead.

I vent out my anger over my spouse who wasn’t a piece of cake either as he happily passed over all work on my plate!  😡


It felt like IKEA was testing our relationship and so we decided to flee the moment and take a break! 😛

Beer can make it alright

Whosoever invented beer should be awarded with a Nobel peace prize. I found no other effective tranquilizer till this date.

Out in the Cafe, we spent some time eating & drinking while we got our future furniture plans sorted out! 😎

After this small detour, it was time to get back to work.

You can do it!

We came back sharp and started again in full spree. I realized, we weren’t actually doing that bad a job.

My spouse found content in HIS side of story – of how he has been doing it all right. And I found peace with MY side of story – of how this was not possible without my brilliant tips! 😉

Next in line -The Sofa!

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