This Summer – The Crow Collection

Usually, I write about my opinions and experiences. Sometimes, grave and sometimes funny. But this post takes a very different route as I feel creative this week.

So tune in your expectations while I take the creative liberty to bring forward a clothing style that I like to call “The Crow Collection”. πŸ˜› Inspired from the Crow, some of these designs may seem sharp and eerie.

1. Emily : The American CROW

This one is an American Crow. The sharp black edges at the top resemble the beak of the crow.

Her shoe styling complements the sharp edges of the top!

Overall Style – Sharp & Cutting

2. Annisa : The Indonesian Crow

This one is a bright Crow. I call her an Indonesian Crow as she looks somewhat Asian and reminds me of the beautiful sunny beaches in Bali.

Her beautiful curly hair are contrasted by sharp geometrical edges of her clothes. The bright yellow color of the clothes gives her a casual look.

Overall Style : Colorful Casual balanced with geometry

3. Freya : The Nordic CROW

I call this one a Nordic Crow as the color of her clothes reminds me of a Scandinavian country.

Her top is grey with pipe like structure and resembles the wings of a Crow. Bottom is a long black, devilish looking hem.

Her hair looks neat and she wears a goggle representing the cool & calmness of Nordic countries. (in stressful times like these).

Overall Style – Modern and Cool.

4. Zhang Xiu Ying : The Chinese Crow

Well, I like to call her – a Chinese Crow. She could as well be a Japanese, Korean or some other Crow but I like to stick with Chinese version mainly because China is so much in news that it’s on top of my head right now.

Her clothes are designed in shades of grey with sharp dividing lines. The close shades symbolize the many close varieties of a Crow.

Overall Style : Transitional and sharp

5. Menaka : The Indian CRow

Now, I call this one as an Indian crow, mainly because of the colors and design. Her attire reminds me of hand woven clothes and embroidery in India. If you look at her top, it resembles a flying crow.

Overall Style : Colorful traditional with a hidden crow.

So, that ends my “Summer Crow collection”. I hope you had fun watching it. πŸ˜‰

Do you like any of these? Then cast your vote and maybe we can call out a winner. πŸ˜€

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